Today’s Recording Process Update

As I was walking along I was thinking about how much I want to release an album on vinyl. Vinyl sounds good, and almost without realizing it, I still to this day record my albums with the album format in mind: short and sweet, with a definitive Side A vs. Side B.

So that’s what I am going to do, is record my ultimate vinyl record. Whether or not it gets released as a record, I’ll keep Bruce Springsteen’s “Nebraska” in mind, as the tone. It’s not all mellow, it’s not easy listening, but something about that album with its hiss and feeling is perfectly suited for that vinyl sound.

How many of you would be interested in a re-issue of REDWOOD SUMMER on vinyl? I’ll gauge the interest and see if I can make that happen. I think that album would sound good that way…

SO… today I tidied up three songs for that album. Mostly recorded some new vocal tracks for one of them… that came out of the “point of view” question I tend to always have with the narrator of the song… should I sing “You were standing there, and you saw all kinds of rad things…” (great lyrics right? just an example 🙂 or should I sing “I was standing there, and I saw all kinds of rad things”. I am choosing the latter on this day. I feel like, despite how it makes me feel like it’s a bit more revealing, it also is more natural. I feel like people listen to songs and put themselves in the position of the person singing it, I know I do. I don’t think that I’m not actually Willie Nelson or the dude from Muse as I sing along, I just can relate to the songs more easily if I can sing along saying “I saw awesome things…”

So we’ll see. Recorded that. What do you think? Any thoughts on the lyric writing/listening process for you?

Added some drums to a big build at the end of another song. It’s kind of epic, with tons of backup vocals and lots of open chords. I suppose that’s becoming my acoustic sound.

And then I tightened up one electro-cello song. Re-recorded some cello traxxx to make them more in tune, and tidied up my arrangement, so that it is good and long and trance-y, but still interesting.

Tomorrow I get serious about a few totally new recordings… as I’m itching to get those going…

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