i’m for everything and everyone
making way for having fun
make the rain run from the sun
triple your pleasure
answer to no one
make me a star lit from within
in the win
dow of your thought
with understated
make me binge and twist
and wait
and weight
let me just say
an apology
let me just see
an apology
let me just be

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could go on
could go in
the rendering
the splitting of time
if time can be split infinitely
then time infinite
thus universe infinitely expanding
thus all is infinite
all because


maybe can be broken
snapped as it were
music shows us how
like a game
children being taught by nature
what’s it all about

sometimes i think it comes easy
take it for granted
the way it’s supposed to be
for me
and then
or always
there’s a bit more
to be done
to take easy and go
pick up the litter
polish the edges
give up the glitter
stop pretending
not mind race

and remember at the same time
it’s not for you
it’s not for you
or you
it’s for

not left behind
the last desire

Ok, so, full disclosure here
I wanted this to be
so much more
it is what
it is

And yes my mom
My Mom
is indeed why I even play music
(beyond the obvious duh)
who has been to every concert of mine she is within 4+ hours of
who listened to dvorak incessantly while i was born
who always has the classical station on
who drove to idaho with the river on repeat for
however many days
who never once
made me think twice
about being what/who i am
as musician
person who does this
I’m so overwhelmed with gratitude
and love for her.

I honestly thought
I’d do a whole suite
or two
but this will have
to do
for now
just a composition or a feeling
or no none of that
really just me sitting down again
on another day
and she is why
i am able
and want to
make songs
in the first place