April = Change

So I don’t know about you but spring 2009 has been crazy!

So much going on and I will indeed spare you the details, despite the fact that this is a blog.

What I want to tell you:

2 big shows this week
April 18 & St. Joseph’s Hall, a 20 minute set of my new stuff, a benefit for a libraries in Africa, Moore Brothers, Molly from Huff This!, food, dancing, a great event.

Facebook Event Page for Books Across The Water

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Then, on the 24th, the eagerly awaited record release for Aaron Ross & The Heirs Of Mystery, of which I’m an heir. Also at St. Joseph’s. Facebook event page here.

Albums: yes they are not done. They will be done for my friends by mid April like I had hoped, but for the public, I am simply going to have to let it ride until I get back from the Azore Islands, where I’ll be for the month of May.

Which means I may not be posting much in May!

Just thought I’d let you know… thanks for stopping by!

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