Amnesia – July 31, 2008 – SF

SEAQUENCER, Luke Janela, Round Mountain
Date/Time:Thu., July 31, 9:00pm
Price: $7-$10

Dreamy Cello + Dark Beats + Smart Emotional Vocals
“Elliott Smith with a cello” would be a lazy and reductionist way to introduce the music of Luke Janela, despite the parallels between the two songwriters — namely, their intimate, minimalist, melancholy acoustic elegies originally born in the bedrooms of gray and rainy Portland, Oregon. Janela’s inclusion of a drum machine and effects pedals, combined with the rich, deep, sonorous tone of his cello, gives his performances the time-collapsing atmosphere of ancient eras meeting the future. This is no mere gimmick at work, though: Janela’s welding of words to melodies is as accomplished as any erudite troubadour. That Janela left Portland for Nevada City, CA, hasn’t altered his desolate atmospheres, either — it merely means that maybe he’ll wheel his way into the city more often. Good news for us indeed. — J. Graham

Read the original review here.

This is a really nice, and amazingly insightful review of my music in the SF Weekly. I wish that I could write these words, the way that it so respectfully and accurately conveys what I am attempting to do musically really blows my mind!

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