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First and foremost, the show on the 10th with Chuck Ragan was incredible. Thank you to all my friends and family who made it out, some of whom drove 3 hours one way to be there! I know they came for Chuck and not me, but that’s cool. Just kidding… thank you!!!

Seriously that show was a big highlight for me personally and musically and it re-invigorated my sense of… possibility.

Along those lines, a few changes are coming to this site:

Two New Albums
Redwood Summer and Juneaurevoir are coming. Really. I swear. September.

Working on a redesign, to be launched very soon. Ideally it will make everyone’s lives just that much better. And it will be cool. Still will be a blog.

Blog Re-tuning
Part of the redesign for me is that I kind of resent that I can’t let it all flow, I constantly censor some of my content in the sense that currently the blog is the first thing many people who don’t yet know my music see. I’d like for the music to be there in their faces first.
Also, I’m into this idea of useful content. You’ll see what I mean when I get it up here 😉
I am insanely inspired to do more with videos, bootlegs, demos and general media. More on the blog.

Touring Australia & New Zealand
September. More details to come. But it’s set.

Yes. So. Stay tuned. I apologize for a lack of content flow, my lives (I meant that) have been very very busy. But I’ll make it up to ya’.

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