Playing with Huff This!


I’m looking forward to this awesome show that Huff This! from NYC put together in Nevada City… I’m playing cello with Huff on a few songs. Their music is really haunting and beautiful, passionate and well written. Piano, and drums, and sometimes guitar. 

Black Bear, who also are really so great will also be playing, and there will be an art installation from Matthew Gottschalk… seriously this will be fun, come out!

“Huff This! with Black Bear and Dolli Melaine Huff This will be accompanied by Luke Janela on a few songs, Thad Stoener-guitar/bass, Dolli Melaine-vocals, Pete Newsom-drums and there are gonna be dancers! also Black Bear is going to be in its full six person formation which is totally dope. Matthew Gottschalk is going to be do a crazy string vortex istallation. and Dollie Melaine (back from Vienna) is going to kick off the evening with her dramatic vocals. we will not be selling alcohol.”

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