Last night saw Bruce Springsteen live in Sacramento. Arco Arena. I had seen him 10 years ago in Oakland, where I was absolutely blown away by his 3:30 hour straight performance of all his great songs and newer songs as well. Last night was even better. The man is one of the few true heroes I have had in my life, an amazing songwriter, talented performer and musician, terrific human being, and capable of cathartic miracles upon thousands and thousands of people.

I think he is quite misunderstood by most of my peers, but he will have his due if anyone would stop saying “oh der, Born In The USA is so funny ha ha”. People don’t realize oddly that this song is an anti-war song! And that that album is an absolute masterpiece all the way through. Anyways, it’s not like he is underappreciated. His rabid fans were singing along to every song with abandon last night, and I have never ever heard such a ruckus for an encore. And he and the E-Street Band band played an hour long encore. They are classy man. So good.

So Bruce, thank You. You are such a positive influence on my life.

“Now young faces grow sad and old and hearts of fire grow cold
We swore blood brothers against the wind
Im ready to grow young again
And hear your sisters voice calling us home across the open yards
Believin we could cut someplace of our own
With these drums and these guitars”
– No Surrender – Bruce Springsteen – Played gloriously last night.

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