Just got back last weekend from camping with my three brothers, three of my favorite people, at the mountain of gold. Where this video was made last year exactly around this time:

And so The Faraway was so half-assedly “released” to the world. Really it was my birthday and I was going to be gone and I had self-imposed deadlines and thus, hence, I released an album. Without thinking! Without mastering! Without caring.

But that’s fine… right?

Camping now with my girls, my dog Cinco and the ever-amazing Katy Unger. Between last weekend with my brothers and now this, it doesn’t really get better. What a crazy blessed life!


Yeah. Well. Anyways. I thought I might do the same this year with The Faraway part 2. But I’m going to hold off until my return from the ocean and woods and just being faraway. It’s ok. I can do that, I’m indie.

I don’t want to rush it. And, truth be told I’m going to fold in the impatience of that album “release” last year with this one, and it will all be well and good in the universe. You’ll see.

So stay tuned. Hopefully I’m far enough from cell phone coverage to not be bothered with any thoughts of anything at all but guitars and walks and campfires and maybe a beer or two.

Or don’t stay tuned. Stay out of tune. Stay golden. Stay, though, please.

I promise I’ll give you music if you do.

More music.

I hope you are feeling good and able to get some good things out of your day. And that it all adds up to beautiful. Thanks for being here. I’ll see you there.

Just got back from the most epic and amazing trip I’ve ever taken. The Azores are incredible, and my month spent there was truly inspiring and beyond words and pictures. 

I had the great privilege of seeing some traditional Azorian music, and am happy to say I think I’ve found some influential roots… more to come on that front. 

For now, some pictures:

Created with Admarket’s flickrSLiDR.

Well, this is it, I’ve been looking forward to this for a long time, and tomorrow morning I begin my epic trip to the Azores.

I will be gone a whole month, and I doubt I’ll be updating the site a whole lot during that time… sorry!

But upon my return there is lots of new music to listen to.

Thanks for stopping in, I’m hoping the island of Sao Jorge will provide plenty of inspiration.

See you at the beginning of June!

Alela Diane - To Be Still 

I’m heading up to Portland this weekend to play a show with Aaron Ross as a member of the Heirs Of Mystery. 

We’re opening for Alela Diane at Holocene on Sunday, February 15.

I’m looking forward to a return to Portland, hoping to see some friends there. Not looking forward to the drive, as the weather is looking questionable, and it will be 12 hours. Sometimes a long drive is what you need though.

Yes, so I would love to see some friends there, at the show, which will be great, or at the Paradox for breakfast the next morning…

august is more than midway, Kate and Pete have had their birthdays, Nate’s is coming up.

Last night played the Power Palooza event on top of a roof with the green lights spinning all around and the summer night. All day in the art room practicing, and coming up with a few new songs.

Yes summer

last weekend we were on the beach, Navarro beach south of Mendocino and we watched the meteor shower with the new moon keeping the sky dark. We visited the Big River Ranch where we used to live and saw Lucky the landlord. The buildings were in ill repair, all were moving out, and it flashed in my mind to take it on as a perfect life project, trim the apple orchards, get the garden going, carve the paths out of the woods. Shangri-La.

But who is to say. Kate made peach cobbler from the peaches there, we were back in reality and spending our time on music and painting, which is the way it ought to be.

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