Ok, so, full disclosure here
I wanted this to be
so much more
it is what
it is

And yes my mom
My Mom
is indeed why I even play music
(beyond the obvious duh)
who has been to every concert of mine she is within 4+ hours of
who listened to dvorak incessantly while i was born
who always has the classical station on
who drove to idaho with the river on repeat for
however many days
who never once
made me think twice
about being what/who i am
as musician
person who does this
I’m so overwhelmed with gratitude
and love for her.

I honestly thought
I’d do a whole suite
or two
but this will have
to do
for now
just a composition or a feeling
or no none of that
really just me sitting down again
on another day
and she is why
i am able
and want to
make songs
in the first place