i wish i was there
in an imaginary
northern california
with imaginary
and endless
a collision of real
and thought would
i’d probably fall into it
like a venetian canal
a real myth
i wish i was there
on an endless blues solo
dark figured shadows
and fire
no where to feel
like a stranger
no doubt to go
out and out into the world
a repetition of pithy complaint
over and over again
makes beautiful lines
get grizzly
i want to have a ranch in albion
and fall apart with the fog
into the oblivion
but real
nevermind the silliness
necessarily transcendental
just a thing that can

Last night I had the pleasure of practicing with the great Molly Allis and Jenica Anderson of Bear Club. We’ve been playing electric lately, but in preparation for a more intimate show we were armed with marimba, cello and acoustic guitar. And of course their voices. Sorry, the cello is a bit loud on this recording of us practicing a song since the recorder was close to me.

#musiceveryday 61 – making up a song on the spot. to tell the truth I really like this way of “writing” lyrics. I’m not saying that *just* because I’m lazy… just that some of these off the cuff lines might be a LOT better than something I could turn over again and again.