WordPress & Other Site Creation

Rebuilt the FreshSchools.com site utilizing wordpress. Customized an existing theme by heavily modifying CSS when needed. Utilized best practices for a very niche and hurried market.

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Conceptualized of rebranding of entire company and built Black Oak's ecommerce site with WordPress and Shopify. Created product labels, SEO friendly pages, and helped create vibrant growth. 

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Worked with art director and dev team to create collateral, code inline CSS emails, establish a social media plan, and conceptualize UI/UX usability.

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Real-World Social Media & SEO Implementation


SEO, Music & Video Production

Worked with the existing GrowOrganic.com site to make all aspects SEO friendly. Created WordPress blogs and regularly updated "tips & tricks" content. Produced video web series "Freshman Farmer" and created music for it. 



SEO & Site Overhaul

Revamped Potted's e-commerce website and wordpress blog, using Google Webmaster Tools (Console) and data highlighting to help improve results. Redesigned UI/UX of products, created one page press releases. 

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Social Campaigns & SEO

Ran LinkedIn and Facebook social campaigns, paid and unpaid. Utilized targeted marketing, boosted posts, carousel ads and more to drive new membership and significantly increased FreshSchools' social presence. Created curated content for blog in an effort to improve SEO friendliness of new site.

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Situational music examples, composed with specified artists, emotions or songs in mind.

Recent Work

Things I've made fairly recently, without context in mind, but usable in many.

A soundtrack for a documentary, where the main storyline takes place in India

Just for fun, here's a video with footage from Iceland and my music